Why cashless transactions are on the go!

On average, Americans spend over $80 million in vending machines every single day, making it a $30 million a year industry. Businesses, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, factories, community centers, and so on, can earn extra income by offering the option of purchasing refreshments to customers, visitors, students, and employees. In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, people are wary about handling cash, as they are hyper-aware about the spread of the virus and other contagious diseases. This may dissuade them from using vending machines. Greenlite is the perfect solution for this. Greenlite is a technology powered by the Cantaloupe Systems suite of integrated mobile technologies and is driven by the cloud. It is a card and mobile payment acceptance technology that also provides data management tools and cost-saving telemetry. Greenlite can be used on vending machines including the Express Combo andMarketOne machines. This technology has been helping vendors become more efficient and boost sales for nearly two decades.

Cashless Payment Options

Greenlite is a cashless solution that incorporates cutting-edge card and mobile payment systems, enabling customers to carry out cashless transactions on vending machines. These are the options they can choose from, to pay for their purchases:

  • The full-function card reader supports a wide range of cards, like American Express®, Visa® Debit, Visa® Credit, Discover® Card, and MasterCard® Credit.
  • The inbuilt near-field communication or NFC reader supports contactless cards from all the major card brands, as well as Apple Pay® and SoftCard Mobile Wallet®

As cashless transactions are charged by the card/wallet provider, you can configure the machine to display dual tier pricing – a slightly higher price for cashless purchases so that you can offset the transaction charge.


Every transaction adheres to the payment card industry compliance requirement in place currently. The system does not store sensitive financial information like card number, security number and so on. Your customers can purchase with confidence that their data is safe.

Machine Asset Administration

Greenlite provides you management tools not seen in most cashless systems. Since the app is web-based, you can set prices for your products and track your machines remotely from any browser, at any time, and from anywhere. The software comes with an inbuilt suite of management tools to help you optimize your assets. Just login to your computer or mobile device and begin configuring planograms for multiple machines and develop templates for multiple assets. Items can be imported from suppliers to populate the planograms, or you can make your own. The app lets you make pick lists for all your machines. Additionally, the app shows you the machines and the product fills, and, through alerts, lets you know exactly what you need to re-stock in the machine.

Actionable Insights and Reports

Remotely monitor sales with in-depth details of historical sales data with breakup by year, quarter, month, week, and day. It will also provide the breakup of cash sales and cashless transactions. This information is invaluable in formulating strategy for the future. You can get in-depth reports of your sales that will help you manage cash, as well as cashless vending.


When you login to the app from your device, it will display alerts and notifications about the health of all your machines, so that you can take corrective action wherever it is required. Sales data notifications are sent every 4 hours, and alerts are sent immediately. Six data transfers are facilitated in a day. Examples of alerts include temperature alerts, too low or too high pricing alerts, and DEX alerts – these are usually sent outside normal working hours. With immediate SKU and product alerts, you can see which machines need to be serviced.

Cash Administration

All sales from card and mobile payment transactions are deposited weekly into the bank – a hassle-free collection for you.

It is a fact that people are carrying less cash in their wallets, and increasingly prefer to make contactless and cashless payments for purchases. By adding Greenlite to your vending machine, you provide more convenient options for customers to purchase, which increases the chances to sell premium products. This way, you won’t miss out on cashless sales, and boost overall efficiency and profitability of your business.

It’s super easy to get started – simply call your sales representative and tell them you want to start with Greenlite and select the options you need. Fill out the forms, and your Greenlite solution will be initiated. Call Vending.com at 1-1-800-548-1982 to know more!

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