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How Are Millennials Driving the Vending Industry?

Millennials, those coming into adulthood in the year 2000 and after, are driving the market across many industries including housing, technology, marketing, and even vending. As this group reaches maturity and have more disposable income, everyone is taking notice of how to market and sell to this demographic. What Do Millennials Look for in Snack…
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There’s No Stopping The Social Vending Revolution by Retailers

Social media reaches into the homes, smartphones, tablets, and thoughts of every person daily. However, people do not usually equate social media with vending machines, yet that is exactly what is happening. Vending machine manufacturers have seen the uptick in use of social media as an opportunity to expand their current market. The social vending…
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Healthy, Local Snacks in Taste NY Vending Machine Program

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York recently unveiled an exciting new type of snack vending machine that highlights healthy choices, supports local agriculture, and benefits the Food Bank of Central New York and the New York Commission for the Blind’s Enterprise Program. The Taste NY snack and drink vending machines debuted at the recent New…
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iHeartRadio Loves Instagram | Get Swag For Your Instagram Photo Via Vending Machine

Ever thought of promoting a brand by offering merchandise in exchange for social media exposure? That’s exactly what’s happening on an iHeartRadio tour featuring a t-shirt vending company that accepts Instagram photos as payment for merchandise. The marketing campaign is targeting college students by setting up these vending machines at the Universities they visit throughout the Midwest and South.…
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How to Get a Vending License

The licenses and permits that you will need to operate a soda vending machine, coffee vending machine or other machines will vary depending on the state and even county   where you live. Licenses and costs are a detail to check into before you purchase machines so that you have them established before installation. The…
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