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Grow Your Business While Sticking to Your Budget

Purchasing vending machines is no small task. Depending on your business goals and your budget, it may not make financial sense to purchase brand new vending machines. Vending.com has a select number of used vending machines to help people grow their vending business without stretching their budget too thin. Whether you are purchasing a new…
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Investing in Used Vending Machines

When people think about used equipment, normally the images that immediately come to mind are negative ones. After all, who among us hasn't purchased a used computer or television set or some other item over the years only to run into irritating (and costly) issues down the road? Certain companies are proving, however, that you…
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There’s No Stopping The Social Vending Revolution by Retailers

Social media reaches into the homes, smartphones, tablets, and thoughts of every person daily. However, people do not usually equate social media with vending machines, yet that is exactly what is happening. Vending machine manufacturers have seen the uptick in use of social media as an opportunity to expand their current market. The social vending…
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