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Simplifying Payment Options for Your Customers

Due to the national coin shortage and vending customers looking to pay for products through a mobile wallet or credit card, many vending businesses must look for other ways to accept payments on their machines. One way to do this is by utilizing PayRange, a leading mobile payment app. This fast and secure app allows…
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The Future of Vending

There are a lot of unknowns occurring in the world right now. Some industries and businesses are thriving, while many, unfortunately, are struggling. While the vending industry is facing some challenges during this time, this is also an opportunity to reflect on how the vending industry and your business and grow and thrive. So, what…
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Cashless vending. You need it.

When it comes to boosting your profits, you’ll want to accept as many forms of payment as possible. Consumers who have the ability to pay according to various methods have a higher chance of becoming not only a customer, but a repeat customer. Did you know that one in five people don't ever carry cash…
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Cashless Vending, More Than Just a Trend

Organizations all over the world have long been looking for new and unique ways to innovate with regards to the types of vending machine products that they rely heavily on daily. When these types of machines are available in many public places wherever you go, it can be difficult for a vending machine manufacturer to…
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