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Charitable Vending Management - Vending Service that Donates to a Charity of your Choice

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Charitable Vending is available Nationwide with the right vending program for you.

We place brand new machines in your location, fill them with your choice of refreshments including healthy products and donate 10% of our profit to the charity of your Choice!

Brand New Machines and excellent Professional Service with your choice of refreshments!
Charitable Vending Management Inc. invites your customers and employees to support a local charity through the purchases they make from your vending service. Simply have us place our vending machines in your business. We fully maintain and stock them with your choice of snacks and drinks and donate to the charity or nonprofit organization of your choice!

Choose your favorite snacks, drinks, pastries, food, bottled water and even healthy vending items. 10% of the profits are donated. Our vending machines are ADA compliant in accordance with the American Disabilities Act.

New and used vending machines for your business. Featuring snack vending machines, soda, candy, food, coffee vending, and custom made vending machines. We offer parts & service, training, and education for vending machine operators.

About Us

"The customized vending machine are a real hit! The animal graphics look great and the donation box brings in a steady stream of donations. I highly recommend this program."Tom Colvin
Executive DirectorAnimal Rescue League of Iowa, Inc.

Charitable Vending Management, A Wittern Group Company based in Des Moines Iowa provides high quality vending service in all 50 states to benefit charitable and non profit organizations. There is no cost to the business or to the recipient of the donations. Our company has served the needs of the vending industry since 1931 with thousands of satisfied customers.

We provide vending services for snacks, sodas, drinks, cold or frozen foods, pet supplies, office supplies or whatever your vending needs may be. With every purchase, feel secure in knowing you are helping a charity or a good cause for your community. The benefits of our services far out-way traditional vending avenues. Flexibility with our programs and vending machine options make us the right charitable vending choice. Call today to find out how we can help.
Fundraising Program for Charities and Non-Profits

We can design a vending program that is right for you.


Contact Us

Charitable Vending Management Inc.8040 University Blvd.Des Moines, Iowa50325

Phone: 1-800-454-2454

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If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us through email, fax, or phone. Let us show you how to start a vending business at no cost to you, all while helping a charity of your choice.



Charitable Vending Has Made Headlines!
We have been in the news throughout the United States with our sucessful vending oportunities. Charities, schools, & fundraising events have benefited from our program. If your group or charity is looking for a fundraising source, click on the links below to see examples of what we can do for you.

Questions Answered About Our Service

•Q. Is this program really free?
•A. Yes! There is no cost to you what-so-ever for the vending equipment or service. Your customers and employees simply make purchases from the vending machines as they wish.

•Q. What products will be vended from your vending machines?
•A. It is your choice! You select every item! We want to vend what you want to enjoy.

•Q. How much do the products cost from your vending machines?
•A. Our products are market priced for your area. You will pay no more than similar vending machines in your community.

•Q. Will you help to have my existing vending service removed?
•A. Yes. We are vending experts and will coordinate all aspects for a smooth transition.

•Q. How long will it take to get your vending machines installed in our business?
•A. It will take about two weeks from the time you grant us permission before the vending machines arrive.

For more information, please call us at:
We look forward to hearing from you.


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Providing features & flexibility in equipment for more convenience, product variety and more customer satisfaction. We are the world's largest manufacturer of individually owned vending equipment.

Take advantage of our factory direct programs Charitable Vending Management offers. Whether you need snack vending, drink vending machines, or cold and frozen food combination vending machines, we have what you are looking for. Most equipment models come standard with delivery sensor technology guaranteeing selection delivery or customer is refunded their money.

Charitable Vending Management can help raise money for your favorite charity and be a valuable service for vending customer satisfaction.

Looking for donation opportunities to help Animal Shelters? Check out We have what you are looking for.

Vending Donation Program for Animal Shelters and Animal Welfare

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