Free Vending for Business Owners

As a business owner, you are always looking for new ways to boost morale among your employees in order to increase the bottom line. This can be through incentives or even an email for a job well-done. Another idea, however, would be to ensure that your breakroom is fully stocked with snacks and beverages. This can be easily accomplished with free vending machines.

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. That is why we have made our Full-Service Program absolutely free for you. In fact, you do not even have to worry about servicing the machine. Our operators will stock the machine with your favorite snacks, drinks or food, so you can keep your employees full and focused throughout the day. 

There are many advantages to having a vending machine in the workplace. One of the biggest advantages is increased productivity. Instead of taking time out of the day to go to a convenience store for a snack or beverage, employees can take a few minutes, go to the machine and go right back to work. It will allow them to spend more time working on projects and less time searching for food and drinks.

Of course, not every business will qualify for free vending. In order to qualify, your business must have a minimum of 30 employees, or be in a high-traffic location, such as a mechanic’s shop. This way, the operators will be able to justify placing a vending machine in your business and keeping it there for the long-haul. 

A vending service in your office should not be a burden to you. That is why wants to help connect you to an operator to place a machine in your business and help you increase employee morale. Get started today by filling out this form or calling us today at (866) 657-7549.

Keeping Your Heart Healthy

February is a month in which we celebrate love, but it is also American Heart Month. Although we should be doing it throughout the year, it is a great reminder that we do need to be heart-healthy and mindful of what we are putting into our bodies. As a vendor, you should be mindful of what products you are making available in your vending machine. 

In order to cater to consumers, you should be providing a variety of healthy and unhealthy products in your vending machine. Yes, that means if you have a machine filled with sweets, you may want to restructure in order to provide healthier snack products, such as hummus and granola bars. Providing a variety of products ensures that you are not only reaching more consumers, but it also means that you are promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, just because something is consumed by drinking it instead of eating it, does not mean that it is any less unhealthy. That is why you should also make healthy beverages easily accessible for your consumers, if you have a drink or combo machine. Healthy drink options include water, seltzer water and flavored unsweetened water. 

In order for snacks and drinks to be considered “heart-healthy” by the American Heart Association, snacks should have no more than 200 caolories per serving. It should also have no more than 240 milligrams of sodium, no more than 1 gram of saturated fat and no more than 0 grams of trans fat per serving.

With, we have optional features to make displaying nutritional information easily accessible for the consumers. Consumers will have the ability to browse all product information, including all nutritional information. 

Not all of your customers will want to indulge in healthy snacks or drinks, which is why it is important to have a variety of healthy and healthy snacks and beverages in your vending machine. Click here to learn more about vending machines for a healthier lifestyle or give us a call at 855-929-1085.

MarketOne Snack Vending Machine

MarketOne Snack 6W

With a new year comes a new line of vending machines for We are very excited to announce a new line of vending machines called MarketOne Snack vending machines. This line includes two revolutionary vending machines that will change the way you think of vending. These products are the MarketOne Snack 6W and MarketOne Snack 5W vending machines.

One thing that stands out about MarketOne snack machines is the sleek design and style. They offer a large merchandising window and enhanced LED lighting, so your products can be properly displayed to your customers. They also offer a high selection for your customers to choose from. The MarketOne Snack 6W allows customers to choose from 56 selections, where the MarketOne Snack 5W offers up to 40 selections. 

MarketOne vending machines include a variety of standard and optional features to take your vending business to the next level. These machines are easy for everyone to use, as they are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant and include an ergonomic customer interface and Braille keypad. They also come with iVend guaranteed delivery technology, so your customers will always be satisfied. If a product does not vend correctly the first time, they will receive their money back to try again or try a different product.

There are a variety of payment options that are available with the MarketOne vending machines. They come standard with a cash/coin bill acceptor, as well as the PayRange mobile app, so your customers can pay directly from their mobile device. You can upgrade this feature, however, by adding on Greenlite, which allows your customers to pay with credit/debit cards or their mobile wallet. You will never have to lose out on a sale again because of payment issues.

Other features on MarketOne products include upgrading your display to a full-color 10.1” touchscreen display. Customers will be able to browse products, view calorie information and purchase up to three products in one transaction. It also gives you the chance to have a static image or video advertising on your vending machine. The MarketOne Snack 6W vending machine has an optional 7th tray, so you can provide your customers with even more product choices.

MarketOne Snack vending machines are unlike any on the marketplace and it is easy to see who. If you would like to learn more about these products, give us a call at 855-929-1085.

Increase Profitability With One Simple Solution

Picture this: you have your MarketOne Snack 6W Vending Machine all set up. You have snack products you know your customers will love and your machine placed in a high-traffic location. Unfortunately, you quickly realize that sales are not as high as you believe they should be. If you know that you have the right products and the right location, you may need to look at something else. It may be that you are not offering the correct payment options.

One of the standard features on all of’s machines is cash and coin payment options. Some of our machines, including the MarketOne series, include PayRange, which is a mobile payment built into the machine’s control board. What about the machines that do not offer any type of cashless payment, though? If you are just relying on cash and coin payments, you could be losing out on sales. In fact, on average, operators are seeing a 30% increase in same-machine sales after adding a cashless payment option. offers a cashless payment option to help increase profitability and cater to today’s market. Greenlite Cashless is a card and mobile payment acceptance solution, but it does so much more for your business. It comes with management tools, including machine sales tracking and integrated cash and cashless reporting. Aside from stocking the machine, everything can be done remotely, saving you visits to your vending machine.

Adding Greenlite to your machine is easy! All you have to do is contact your sales representative to get started. Greenlite offers various business options, so simply choose the one that fits your business needs, fill out the appropriate forms and get started!

To find out more information about Greenlite, or any other features has to offer, give us a call at 1-855-981-9367 or contact us here! We cannot wait to help you get started today!

The Fastest Way to Your Employees’ Hearts

CTop Coffee Pod Merchandiser

There is one item in every workplace that is almost guaranteed to make your employees happy, especially in the morning. That item? COFFEE! Whether you are trying to wake up throughout the day or even just warm up, you cannot go wrong with giving your employees access to a coffee machine. Some of our favorite coffee machines include the Geneva Coffee Machine and the Cafecture Controlled Coffee Pod Merchandiser.

The Geneva Coffee Vending Machine, which is available in either silver or black, is a great vending option for any office space. Your employees can choose among 36 coffee combinations, including cappuccino, tea, hot chocolate and more. Get a fresh cup of coffee every single morning with a simple push of the button.

Besides the fresh and delicious coffee it brews, there are many benefits to the Geneva Coffee Machine. The coffee machine allows for a single serve coffee cup for your employees, so you never have to worry about making too much coffee, or not enough coffee, ever again. The machine itself has a small footprint, so you do not have to worry about creating a large amount of space to put the machine. One of the best parts of this machine is that it is compatible with Greenlite, meaning that it allows for cashless vending. 

Of course, not every office is in need of an entire vending machine specifically used for brewing coffee. If your office would rather have a single serve pod machine to vend K-Cups. Cafecture Controlled Coffee Pod Merchandiser is for you.   One of the best parts is that it is compact enough to fit on countertops, so you do not need to create a lot of space for it. 

Keeping your employees motivated and upbeat during the day is a huge task, but it can be made a little easier with coffee vending machines, whether it is the Geneva Coffee Vending Machine or the Cafecture Controlled Coffee Pod Merchandiser. If you have questions regarding these machines or any of our other products, please call at 1-855-981-9367.

Teaching Hard Work to the Next Generation

What was your first job? What was it like? How did it impact your view of work? An important part of growing up is learning how to work hard. We all wish earning money was easy but that’s just not reality. Vending is a great way to teach hard work and responsibility to your family. It doesn’t take extensive education to service a vending machine, teens are very capable of helping a family vending business. Teaching hard work to kids when they’re young can set them up for a successful future.

Vending is simple to get into and can be very profitable for you and your family. However, there are no shortcuts and putting in work is necessary. There are many family-run vending businesses across the country, where families work together to service their machines and reap the rewards. equipment offer great profitability but they take time and energy to remain full with product. Not only does it take time to refill machines with product it takes research and intentionality to know what to sell in your machines. Machines poorly maintained show negatively on your business and if it’s a family business, possibly on your family too. Vending is a great opportunity to teach young people the value and importance of responsibility.

While vending is work, the profits make it all worth it. As a vendor there’s nothing like taking a thick wad of cash out of the bill box and seeing the fruits of your labor. Working is hard, but it’s important and has its rewards. Seeing and experiencing the rewards of hard work is great motivation to continue working hard. The money you earn will mean much more to you and used more responsibly than money that was just given to you. is here to help you before you begin vending as a family and throughout the life of your machines as well. We want you to have the best experience vending. We are available to honestly answer any questions you have about the industry or our equipment. Give us a call today at 1-855-365-0906.

Healthy Vending Provides Opportunity

More than ever before people are on the hunt for healthier food options, whether they are at home or on the go or on premise at work. Evidence of this is everywhere and it presents us with an enormous opportunity. Finally! Demand and sales are converging.

Carla Balakgie, NAMA President & CEO

According to the National Automated Merchandisers Association’s President & CEO, Carla Balakgie, the growing market demands for healthier food options is a great opportunity for the vending industry to thrive. “As the convenient services industry we want to be viewed as a solution provider for both the clients you serve and the customers, the very people who are on the hunt for these healthier options being part of the solution.” Vending services need to think about how to solve problems customers are facing and doing their best to meet their needs directly. Vendors can make money selling healthier products to consumers. They only thing they consumers more than healthier options is healthier options delivered with the press of a button. As the customer demands increase the potential for vendors to benefit financially increases as well. is working to be part of the solution to consumer demands with healthy vending machines.  Our healthy vending machines offer an alternative to the snacks traditionally sold in vending machines. Healthy vending machines provide low fat, low sugar, low carb, products. You can vend nutritious foods, snack & drinks all from a healthy vending machine. High protein meats, nuts, bars, also whole grains and natural waters and juices are some items that could appeal to your healthier customers.

It is vital to remain on the pulse of consumer wants and desires moving into the future. The ever-increasing demand for convenient healthy food is a wonderful opportunity for vending operators to profit as they adjust from just selling the typical junk food and branching out into healthier options. If you have any question about you can take advantage of the demand for healthier food contact us today at 1-855- 253-7880.

We believe it is the right time to demonstrate that our industry is part of the solution in promoting public health and in meeting consumer demands while also protecting our businesses and enabling them to grow on our terms.

Carla Balakgie, NAMA President & CEO

Placing Vending Machines Part: 2

In Placing Vending Machines Part: 1 we discussed strategies for securing locations for your vending machines and how getting accounts is not about finding places without vending services as much as it is finding a location unhappy with their current vending service. When you do it’s important to come across as a better provider. It’s important not to be intimidated by big vending companies, because these companies can be the easiest to take locations from. In this blog we will detail how to use this strategy most effectively and other relevant tips for securing locations for your vending services.

Companies that get too big can have trouble or overlook details that smaller businesses are better equipped to handle. Sometimes large vending companies are staffed by part-time workers who do not care about customers and are just concerned with earning their hourly wage. Their route drivers may not really care about the appearance of equipment or satisfaction of the customer. Employees at big companies don’t have the same amount of investment in the business as workers at smaller companies. In contrast to a large vending conglomerate, your vending company can offer locations personalized service, easy accessibility to company ownership, quicker adaptability and more flexibility.

The following is an example of a script you could use when approaching a business owner about vending at their location. “Good morning, my name is John Smith, president of Smith Vending. How are you today? Great! I won’t take up too much of your time. I just want to drop off my card in case you need my vending services sometime. By the way, are you happy with the vending service you have now? Is there anything at all I can do for you?” Try to stay friendly and concise with you comments. Your goal should be to “test the waters” to see if they’re satisfied with their current vending operator and to let them know you are available to help them.

If the location communicates that they are satisfied with their current vending services, we advise thanking them for their time, leaving your business card and doing your best to make a positive impression of yourself and your company. The location also may communicate their displeasure with their current vending service. If they do this, we advise you to ask about why they are dissatisfied, how many machines do they have, what is sold and for how much. You don’t want to overwhelm them with questions, but you want to gain useful information that can help you communicate how your vending business is superior and how your smaller business cares about the details of their vending needs.

Working to secure locations does not have to be scary or intimidating. Presenting your business in a courteous, professional manner goes a long way in making a good impression. You may not find a location in your first handful of attempts, but keep going. Perseverance is important in the vending industry. It will be worth it when you do find your first couple of locations. If you have any questions or need assistance for your vending business please give us a call at 1-855-661-3298.

Placing Vending Machines Part: 1

What comes first the location or the machine? We recommend securing locations for your vending machines before committing yourself to using a certain machine. This is because each location is different and your goal as a vending operator is to provide the location with what they want or need, and you cannot know what that is until you ask them. How can you secure the all important locations for your vending business? In this short blog series we will present a few tips about finding locations to vend and also how to build positive business relationships at your locations.

A common mistake newcomers to the vending industry make is to only consider locations that have no vending machines. It is very possible that there is no vending machine there, because it is not a profitable location. If you only look at locations where there is no vending presence you may find many locations too small to be profitable.

We recommend approaching high-traffic businesses that already have vending equipment. Striking out at a profitable location is better than wasting your resources on a location that is easy to get but won’t make you money. Ask the location if they are satisfied with the vending service they have now. They very well could be, but there’s no guarantee they will be in the future. Hand out your business card and invite them to give you a call if there’s anything you can do to help them in the future. Make sure you leave a good impression and make it easy for then to contact you. Don’t get discouraged if you cannot find a location dissatisfied with their vending service, it will be worth it when you find one that is.    

Selling vending services is not about twisting someone’s arm, intense negotiations or hiding additional fees. You should always carry yourself in a professional manner and represent you business well, however selling your services is not about convincing a business to switch from another service to yours. Instead, you are looking for places that are already unhappy with their current vendor. All you have to do is find these locations and demonstrate that you will offer better machines and better service.

In the next blog in our series, Placing Vending Machines, we will discuss why you should not be intimidated by bigger vending services and also how to interact with contacts for your possible locations.


Ensuring Profitability through Buying Products

The products you sell and the prices at which you purchase them at go a long way in determining how much money your vending operation makes. Saving what seems like a little bit on an individual product can add up to make a big difference when you multiply it over the amount you will be selling across all your machines.  Also, investing in food that does not spoil fast helps ensure your food will be purchased.

Cold drinks are popular to sell in vending machines. Local grocery stores are great places to look for good prices to compare. It is best not to settle for just one store but to shop around to get the best deal. For snacks, wholesale clubs like Sam’s Club, BJ’s and Costco are cost-effective places to search. Some vending locations will request certain cold food options to be available at their location. In this instance you should be happy to satisfy your customers’ need but also be aware how much money you are spending on the items you are selling. If you decide it does not make financial sense to invest in a cold food vendor and cold food items, try to compromise with the location by filling some snack machine selections with non-refrigerated food products. Try your best to fulfill the niche food items your customer wants at the lowest cost to your vending business. If your location desires lunch products for their employees you can offer sealed packages of tuna and crackers, microwavable soup and individual packages of pasta or rice entrees. These products have a longer shelf life so you will minimize them spoiling and serve your customers’ needs. We do not recommend that new vending operations sell cold or frozen food. Often these niches are not as profitable as soda and snack machines and only larger operations can support them. traces its history back over 80 years in the vending industry. We have proven our knowledge and expertise about vending for many years helping people developed sustained careers in vending. We would love to help your vending business any way we can. We offer lifetime technical support for your machines and can help you maintain your machines.  If you haven’t started vending yet, but are interested call us today for a free profit analysis at 1-855-661-3298.