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As businesses around the United States continue to open up and welcome back employees and customers, many vending business owners have noticed an increase in vending sales. In order to help business owners, as well as new and current vending operators, thrive in the vending industry.

Right now, is offering 0 interest for one year, as well as 0 payments for 60 days, on select vending equipment, with approved credit. Vending machines and their first-year monthly payments include:

In addition to zero interest for one year and zero payment for 60 days, is also offering no-cost for Greenlite credit card reader installation. Greenlite allows you to manage all of your vending machines anytime, anywhere by giving you access to a number of reports including machine health, machine sales and more. Additionally, it allows vending customers to purchase products with credit/debit cards, as well as mobile payments.

Whether you are a seasoned professional in the vending industry or a new vending operator, is here to coach you every step of the way. For more information, give us a call at 1-800-548-1982.

Breaking Down the State of the Industry Report and What it Means for You

Every year, Vending MarketWatch publishes its State of the Industry Report, which breaks down vending locations, sales and more from the previous year. We are going to break down the 2019 report in order for you to get a better understanding of how your vending business can continue to grow.


Just because vending machines can be placed anywhere, does not mean they should be placed anywhere. According to surveys conducted by Automatic Merchandiser, the most popular locations to place a vending machine are manufacturing facilities and offices, with 22.1% of vending machines placed at each location. Correctional facilities are the least popular places to place vending machines, with just 2.4% of vending machines being placed there, which is an increase from the previous year. 

What does this information mean for you? This report shows that while offices and manufacturing facilities are still very popular for vending, there may be a lot of potential in less popular locations, such as correctional facilities and military bases. If you are a business owner looking to add a vending machine to your location, contact us to see if your location could support vending equipment.

Cold Beverage

To no surprise, cold beverages still remain at the top of vending industry sales. In 2019, cold beverages made up 22.8% of sales, which is a significant decrease from the previous year. To help support your vending business and sales, offers a variety of cold beverage vending machines, which provides your customers with the cold beverages they crave.

A surprise in this year’s report shows that cold beverages do not stand alone at the top of the sales chart. A new category has gained a lot of ground over the past year and shows no signs of slowing down.

Opportunities for Growth – Retail 

Shooting to the top of the product sales category with cold beverages in 2019 was the other category, which includes non-edible items. This category grew from 7.7% to 22.8%. This shows that operators are looking to diversify their vending businesses. 

If you are looking on capitalizing in the retail vending industry, especially amidst COVID-19, check out our Sani-Center PPE Vending Machine. These machines are created to provide customers with masks, sanitizers and more in order to keep you safe.

The vending industry is constantly changing and evolving. To access the full industry report, read the State of the Industry Report here. If you have any questions about how you can grow in the vending industry, give us a call at 1-800-548-1982.

Introducing the New MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machine

By ensuring you are up to date with the latest in vending technology, you are putting yourself in the best position to stay competitive within the vending industry. Our new addition of MarketOne Vending Machines ensures you will be top of mind in the vending industry. We have recently added six new vending machines to our line and will be introducing them to you. Previously we introduced the MarketOne 5W Cold Food & Drink Vending Machine, MarketOne 3W Cold Food & Drink Vending Machine, MarketOne 5W Snack & Cold Drink Vending Machine, and MarketOne 3W Snack & Cold Drink Vending Machine. Now, let’s discuss the MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machine.

The MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machine features the latest in vending technology. It includes a soft-elevator and a large delivery bin, allowing you to vend food and drinks of various product packaging shapes and sizes. With the elevator delivery system, you can vend fragile products, such as yogurt parfaits. Optimal product rotation through First-In-First-Out (FIFO) loading is also included.

The MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machine offers up to 60 unique product selections. Its large product merchandising window is sure to catch the eyes of many customers. Combined with enhanced LED lighting, the MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machine offers maximum product visualization. Similar to other MarketOne vending machines, the MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machine is health safety programmable by section, range or row. It is also ideal for high-humidity locations, as it has a soft-coat heated glass.  

Customers crave a vending “experience.” MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machines give them just that by being fully Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. Additionally, these machines come fully equipped with enhanced LED lighting, providing your customers with maximum product visibility. Finally, thanks to iVend, products are guaranteed to vend to your customers every time. If a product does not vend correctly the first time, your customer will have the opportunity to try again or vend an entirely new product.

A standard feature on the MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machines is a 3.5” full-color display. This feature enables you to display pricing information and nutritional information in compliance with the FDA’s Calorie Disclosure Rule. Update this feature to a 7” full-color touch screen to offer a shopping cart mode to purchase up to three items in one transaction, with product browsing capability and advertising options for static and video content.

Finally, you will never have to worry about losing out on sales again due to payment acceptance issues with the MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machines. These machines come standard with a bill acceptor for $1-20 and PayRange, a leading mobile payment system. It allows users to load money directly into the app and pay from their mobile funds. Additionally, an optional Greenlite card reader can be added, which enables customers to pay with credit/debit cards and mobile wallets.

Stay at the top of the vending industry with the latest in vending technology. For more information about the MarketOne Vending Machines, give us a call at 1-800-548-1982.

Our ‘Game-Changer’

As it’s now the middle of the football season and the crisp feeling of fall is in the air we’re going to take some liberty and let you in on a special play that can make all the difference in the vending game. Similar to the “Philly Special” or a well disguised safety blitz,’s flexible financing program can turn the momentum in your business and give you a huge boost moving ahead. At we do not require you to pay cash for your equipment. We offer flexible financing options designed to fit the new vendor and the growing vendor. Apply today!

Our financing program means that your machine can pay for itself. You can pay off your new vending machine from the profits of just a few sales per day. It’s okay if you don’t have the money to pay for the machine now, when you qualify for our financing program you can pay off the machine in manageable monthly chunks while the machine is already in use helping you earn money. It is important to that as many people as possible have the opportunity to own and operate a vending machine. If you’re new to vending don’t worry because our vending coaches are available to walk you through the process of starting your vending business. The team can help answer any questions you have, whether it’s about financing, products for your machine or a location for you machine.

This fall is a great time to check out our financing program. Currently, we are proud to offer $0 Down and no payments for 60 days in addition to $0 interest financing for 12 months! 

Adding Cashless Payments Increases Profits

Is it just me or do people carry less cash around than they used to? The only time I’ve been paid in cash was my allowance growing up. God bless my amazingly generous grandfather who still pays cash taking our family out to eat, but I normally see most people using other cashless forms of payment. If my friend owes me money or vice versa Venmo is likely where we’ll complete the transaction. Credit cards and mobile payments make it easy to spend money without having a wad of cash bulging from you pocket. Customers at vending machines that accept cashless payments are not limited by the amount of change or bills they have with them. They can spend more money and they can do it easier. Here are some facts that support the profitable trend toward cashless transaction systems for vending machines.

“American adults under 30 dislike using cash so much that 51% of them use credit or debit cards for purchases — even for transactions under $5 (the price point where vending lives),” said Christopher Blomquist, Parlevel’s marketing content manager in a Vending Times article.

In a study of 84,000 vending machines by USA Tech, 10,600 were low volume machines with less than $2,000 in pre-cashless sales per year. After accepting cashless payments the 10,600 machines reported an 86% growth in top line sales after 18 months. Machines adding cashless transaction systems increased average monthly sales from $104 to $193. According to USA Tech, vending consumers spend 37 percent more using cashless credit, debit, NFC contactless or mobile wallet payments than they do using cash. Annually. total sales in machines adding cashless payments goes from $1,248 to $2,316. A more recent Vending Times article notes a Parlevel Systems study that states cashless machines have an average transaction that is 40 cents more than machines that are cash only.

Cashless payment systems are very important to the profitability of a vending machine. provides the Greenlite cashless system to help vending operators embrace the need for cashless payments. Efficient and easy to use, Greenlite will make sure you do not miss a cashless purchase. Greenlite also offers important tools for product management that makes it simple to track what’s gone in and out of your machine.


Vending Machines Are Sources Of Revenue For Schools

Vending machines are a great source of additional revenue for school districts. Through the use of a vending machine, schools can fund projects and initiatives their current budgets do not account for.

By utilizing a vending machine from, schools can have ultimate flexibility in their selection of product to offer their staff and students. This varies from vending machines supplied direct from consumer brands, as in most cases you are limited to that brand’s offerings. Making upwards of $200 daily on a vending machine in a high traffic location is obtainable with the right product selection.

Including a vending machine in your school will not only benefit the school’s revenue but also the quality of life for both students and staff.  Time spent in between classes is short and usually rushed. A hungry student may be low on energy and not be able to retain information.

By adding a vending machine to high-traffic hallways or wings of your building, you will be able to quickly offer students the nourishment they need, while simultaneously adding additional revenue to the district.

Consider adding a Combo Vending Machine in a faculty break room or in the lunchroom. Have a look at the Trimline II Combo Vending Machine below.

You can vend both snacks and drinks using the Trimline II. This allows for ultimate selection capability. Offer up to 9 drink selections & 20 snack selections with a combo vending machine.

Is your district making the most out of vending options? We can help. Contact today –  our experts are standing by to help with any questions.

Until next time,

Are You Back-to-School Ready?

School is in session! Well, almost. As an educational institution, you need to be prepared for the return of students after summer break. Here are some things to make sure you’re on top of before students return for the start of the semester:

The Welcome-Back Letter

The back-to-school letter is a must of many teachers, school principals and institutional leaders. The letter provides much-needed details for students and parents to help pre-empt any back-to-school jitters along with information such as the time the student should plan to arrive at school on the first day, where the student should go once they arrive, and any information about upcoming orientations. This is also an excellent way to introduce students to any new administration or changes in policy.

Visit with Faculty/Staff Members

Though it’s important to prepare incoming students and parents for the semester, it is equally important to make sure your staff is prepared as well. A faculty meeting before the start of the school year encourages excellent communication among faculty which is essential to a well-running school.

Along with excellent communication among the faculty, it’s also important for your staff to be well-equipped with the right tools which brings us to our next points.

Fixed Seating Arrangements

While there may be no right or wrong seating arrangement, there are certainly differences in how students interact with and are influenced by the set-up of a classroom. You can utilize fixed seating to maximize your use of space, deliver visual room uniformity or create collaborative team-based spaces. The use of fixed seating helps to create innovative learning spaces that encourage your students to succeed and reach their full potential.


A textbook is essentially a guide to facilitate the teaching and learning of the curriculum in a particular subject for both teachers and students alike. Textbooks play a fundamental role in supplementing any teachers knowledge deficits so having the most updated, accurate textbooks is a must for any educational institution.

Vending Machines

Do you have vending machines conveniently spaced out along your school halls, yet? Vending machines allow students, teachers and other faculty to get the snacks and refreshments they crave, whenever they crave them. Provide your students and faculty with the energy they need to both learn and teach effectively. In this day and age, vending doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Healthier vending machines are becoming more and more popular, especially in educational institutions. offers a wide array of snack vending machines, drink vending machines and combination vending machines that accept credit cards and cash alike, making small purchases easy.

Are you prepared for the upcoming school year? We can help. Contact today –  our experts are standing by to help with any questions.

Until next time,

Cashless vending. You need it.

When it comes to boosting your profits, you’ll want to accept as many forms of payment as possible. Consumers who have the ability to pay according to various methods have a higher chance of becoming not only a customer, but a repeat customer.

Did you know that one in five people don’t ever carry cash on them? This means that they can’t make a purchase if no other form of payment is offered.

Here are three important facts to remember about mobile payment:

  • There are more than a billion transactions in the US each year that don’t involve cash.
  • Over the next few years, these transactions will increase by as much as 16%
  • Cashless workplace transactions total 27% on average, which is a 62% increase when compared to the past two years

Greenlite Cashless

Greenlite by

With Greenlite cashless, you’re able to customize your vending equipment so that multiple types of payment can be accepted. The software also facilitates processes that reduce the costs of filling the equipment thanks to integrated remote reporting. Relying on web-based reporting and management tools, Greenlite vending allows businesses to increase their return on investment in a very significant way.

One of the biggest advantages of the Greenlite system has to do with the type of machine sales tracking that it offers businesses. Before, you may have been used to using your best judgment regarding which types of products you should be ordering and in what quantities. With machine sales tracking, you now have actionable, real-time information regarding trends, likes and dislikes that are all derived from actual consumer behavior. You can not only tell what products are selling but how quickly and at what times of the day. Businesses no longer have to rely solely on “instinct’ when it comes to making purchasing decisions – they now have actual hard data that they can use instead.

Greenlite also allows businesses to integrate two-tier pricing depending on location. A business might offer a discount on certain items for people who choose to pay with cash, for example. The system also includes helpful alerts that will provide constant updates on the health and status of the machine in question, making it easier to identify when repairs are necessary and when replacement parts need to be ordered.

Mobile Payment Within Vending is helping the vending industry keep up with the mobile payment trend by working with key partners such as PayRange. Through this partnership,  PayRange can be added to’s vending machines. Faster than inserting coins into a machine, PayRange is the quickest way to pay for the things you do often. Use all major credit and debit cards or add funds via Apple Pay, Android Pay or Masterpass.

Have questions? Ready to give it a try? Give us a call at 1-855-712-8693 or visit our website.

Did you see the Ebonite Pro-Shop at the International Bowl Expo?

Late June, the team at Fawn Vending / set up shop at the BPAA International Bowl Expo and had the pleasure of showcasing some of our newest machines. The Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America, Inc.’s yearly expo features innovative products and supplies while also holding seminars on topics relevant to the industry.

Offering Factory Direct vending equipment for snack, drink and Pro Shop Supplies, was pleased to feature the new-for-2018Round the Clock Ebonite Pro Shop bowling accessory vendor, demonstrating its versatility, profitability and merchandising capabilities for bowling center operators.

Available exclusively from Fawn Vendors /, one of the nation’s leaders in vending machine manufacturing and merchandising, the Ebonite Pro Shop was specifically designed to accommodate bowlers’ needs and provide pro shops with the absolute best impulse-purchase profit-making opportunity in the industry today.


The ‘Round the Clock Ebonite Pro Shop features 24/7 accessibility and is fitted with proven, high-demand Ebonite products packaged for the all-important impulse purchase environment – an absolute must for vending success.  A Free Ebonite Product Starter Kit with a retail value in excess of $700 is included with the machine to help shop operators start selling from day-one. Ebonite is a fast growing leader in the bowling accessories and products industry.

Equipped with standard cash acceptors and credit/debit reader, bowlers can easily purchase products with their currency at hand.

Securing one of these merchandisers couldn’t be easier with one of Fawn Vendors factory financing plans and new owners will appreciate the rugged dependability of this vendor backed by a full warranty. Fawn has been serving the bowling industry since 1931 and is ready to help with any automated merchandising needs including a full line of vendors for snacks and drinks, refrigerated food and frozen dessert products to supplement your current counter sales.

The MarketOne Snack Merchandiser was another vending star at the 2018 International Bowl Expo, featuring all the latest in merchandising and payment system technology. The machine offers a whopping 40 selections of chips, candy, gum, mints and pastries and comes with adjustable flex trays that can fit many shapes of products. Featuring a PayRange® mobile payment system, a 10.1” touch screen, an iVend® money back delivery sensor system, class leading energy saving specs and full sales and accounting features – this vending machine is a no brainer. On top of all that, this vending machine is fully ADA compliant.

And of course, who wouldn’t love those quirky bowling theme graphics?

Contact Fawn Vendors today at 1-800-548-1982 or email for information on the ‘Round the Clock Ebonite Pro Shop or any vending merchandising needs. 

Until next time,


Do you need more funds for activities and after-hours programs?

Vending MachinesLooking for a way to help fund your religious organization, non-profit activities or after-hours programs? Why not give vending a try. With years of experience, has what it takes to help you succeed. We can help your church generate extra funds today with no hassle and no initial cash outlay!

Our program is simple.  Fill the machine with your choice of snacks and cold drinks and only six (6) product sales per day with the Trimline II Combo Vendor will cover the cost of your machine.  Any additional product sales are 100% profit for your church functions. Fund your after-hours program while making sure no stomachs are growling.

Don’t take our word for it – see what our customers have to say about

“We came across during our search for a vending machine for our Youth Ministry. We were impressed with the timely response and in-depth product knowledge of our account representative. Our machine paid for itself in only nine months and serves as a profitable income stream for our Youth Department.”  

Min. Gabrielle B. Mills

Rose Hill Church – Baton Rouge, LA

Not sure how to get started? We have you covered. We can design a program that suits the unique needs of both your organization  and the program you wish to fund.

Plus, we’ll even help you customize your machine so that people know that they are helping a good cause – which will lead to even more sales and reaching your goals even faster!

Need any more reasons?

  • Flexibility
  • Your choice of snacks and drinks
  • Assistance every step of the way
  • Our world-famous service and commitment to quality

Have questions? Ready to give it a try? Give us a call at 1-855-712-8693 or fill out this form.