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Vending Machine Upkeep-Part 3: Recordkeeping

As much as we sometimes wish it were true, we can’t remember everything. When thinking about the longevity of a machine, oftentimes what pops into our minds are steps we can take to maintain its factory-new condition. One of the most efficient and successful ways of prolonging the life of a vending machine is to…
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Vending Machine Upkeep-Part 2: Leveling

It is something that is mentioned in every manual and set-up guide, yet it is consistently overlooked. Every vending machine should be leveled right away. It is an easy step that is skipped, most often because it is deemed ‘unimportant.’ This could not be further from the truth. Vending machines can be very sensitive. They…
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Vending Machine Upkeep-Part 1: Brushing

Did You Know? One of the most important parts of maintaining a vending machine is brushing the vents? It’s true! When maintaining a vending machine, many people overlook one crucial step: brushing. The regularity of brushing you need to perform will vary, depending on the location you choose for the machine. The only tool you…
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