Financing Options

The biggest challenge to investing in vending machines is capital, but it does not have to be.

Vending machines are the proverbial cash-cows that individuals and businesses can earn a constant source of additional income from. But for some, the cost of buying one can delay the decision to invest in other vending machines and vending technology. Leading vending machine manufacturer,, a Wittern Group company, has a history of solving this challenge for interested investors.

For more than 50 years, they have put the power to invest in vending machines in the hands of interested investors both big and small. With financing features like:
• Flexible repayment arrangements to meet cash flow
• Specialized programs to increase sales
• Up to 48-month terms
• Quick credit approval process

buying a vending machine can be easier than buying snacks from one.

Why invest in vending machines in the first place?

An auxiliary source of income never bites. People have always looked at hedging the risks in their income by creating sources that make money for them when they are busy. Vending machines can do just that for you. Like the legendary Warren Buffet would say, this would be the way to make money while you are sleeping.

But it is not just that. Vending machines at establishments like gyms and salons can bring great convenience for your customers and visitors who no longer have to haul bags of water, beverages and health snacks. This can improve customer loyalty and bring recurring footfall that increases your main business. Yes, it is true that vending machines not only help you make money by selling merchandise, but also helping you improve your customer retention. Afterall, happy customers have no reason to try your competition if you make their life easy.

For hospitals, educational institutions and community spaces, vending machines solve a different set of problems. Apart from giving accessibility to people in need of essentials, they help us all focus on our real reason for being in these places.

How to address the financing problem for your vending machine investments?

Now that we have clearly seen that individuals and businesses alike can benefit from buying and installing vending machines, the next inevitable problem is the capital requirement. While individuals and small businesses can get a tangible increase in income from vending machines, the availability of capital makes it difficult for them to invest. It might make it less attractive to dip into your reserves or vacation savings, even if one knows that there will be guaranteed returns in the long run.

The story is the same for small businesses when it comes to choosing between paying the bills versus investing in vending machines. The problem is not small for large establishments either. At the end of the day, removing valuable cash or capital from operations is likely to have impact on operations. This is where financing options like the ones provide make it attractive for anybody who might be interested.

Financing is not just for making that first step into the vending world. It can help achieve scalable growth by acquiring more machines to amplify your success.

So what does offer as financing options? provides a variety of plans ranging from 6 to 48 months. Each one of them come with attractive APR rates. Consultants engage with buyers to identify the best plan that suits investment appetite and repayment capacity.

What is more interesting is that the financing options are available for not just the machines but for the parts as well. What does that mean for the average buyer? The technology behind vending machines is growing in leaps and bounds. From contactless transactions, to UV sanitization and intuitive back-end web-based device management, there are a lot of ways to monetize your machines. This means that customers can continue to upgrade their machines with the necessary components that can help them generate more revenue. As’s financing plans are extended to the parts, making that decision to invest in technology that gives you more revenue becomes a no-brainer.

How can one apply for financing from realizes that having such attractive financing options can only be beneficial if interested investors can easily apply for and obtain financing. That is why they have made the application simple and straight forward. One could try the online application form in this link or download the physical application.

Even the estimation of profit before you make the purchase decision is child’s play with this tool that helps you calculate your returns.’s financing plans, combined with the ease of application for finance and the attractive returns on investment, are very good reasons to make that foray into the vending business. A financing specialist will assist you all the way through this secure process.

You can ask for help on this page here, or call 1-855-929-1042.

Disclaimer: Financing is only available with approved credit. (WAC)

Add Income to Your Business with a Vending Machine

Nothing is more frustrating than going to the laundromat and realizing that you do not have enough detergent for one load of laundry. Enter the Laundry Centers from! These are not only convenient for your customers but also provide additional income for your business.

The 36 Select Laundry Center Vending Machine has the ability to vend your customers’ favorite detergents, fabric softeners and other laundry products. Instead of having an employee sell these products behind the counter, the machine does the hard work for you. For easy loading, the 36 Select Laundry Center Vending Machine has adjustable, pullout, tilt trays. This feature ensures that the operator can manage the laundry product supply with ease.

If your laundromat is limited on space, the 20 Select Laundry Center may be more beneficial for you. It has the same benefits of the 36 Select Laundry Center, just with a smaller footprint. With built-in security and construction, the 20 Select Laundry Center is a great addition and profit center for your laundromat.

Both laundry vending machines come with a variety of features, one of which is the iVend Guaranteed Delivery System. This ensures that products will vend, or customers will receive their money back. Additionally, both machines come with an electronic coin and bill acceptor, which can be upgraded to a Greenlite cashless system. With this upgrade, customers can purchase their favorite laundry products with credit cards, debit cards or a mobile wallet.

To discover more benefits on how our laundry vending machines can benefit you, give us a call at 1-800-548-1982.

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We not only coach you over the phone but we provide our white glove delivery service to save our customers the stress of moving their machines into their locations. We will unload your machine off the truck and bring it inside your location. We will unwrap your machine and take it off the wooden shipping skids. In summary, we will deliver your brand new, pristine vending machine right to the exact spot you want in your location.

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