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Your live bait and tackle vending machine serving customers any time the mood strikes!

VCI 24 Hour Live Bait Merchandising Manufactured by Vending Concepts, Inc.

VCI currently manufactures the industry's only state-of-the-art 24 hour live bait vending machine, developed and built solely for the merchandising of live bait.

The Bait and Tackle Center is an outdoor live bait vending machine serving customers when they need to fish. No more worry about store hours with the 24 hour merchandiser stocked with their favorite items.

VCI Bait Vending Machine
Product Information-24Hour Sales Time / Exposure

-Accepts $1 and $5 Bills

-Individual Pricing Per Selection

-Built In Audit Control System

-(Vend Count and Cash Count)

-High Security Locking hasp (For Padlock)

-Manufacturer's Warranty

-Attractive, Image Enhancing Graphic Sign Face

-Cold weather package for year round use

-R134a refrigeration

New Alarm FeatureNew Alarm Feature
Available in all machines
Easy LoadingEasy Serpentine Loading
with Convenient Pre-Cool Storage
Insulated FreshnessHow Can Live Bait Stay Fresh So Long?
VCI Designed the ideal package to accommodate a wide variety of live bait in an insulated environment.

24 hr. Live bait and tackle vending machine lets you merchandise all the popular products your customers want without keeping store hours. Our refrigerated vendor keeps live bait fresh in a convenient Pre-Cool storage system. Designed for locations like convenience stores, gas stations, campgrounds and bait and tackle shops, our machine offers a full line of traditional fishing supplies as well as drink and snack options. We offer a variety of finance and lease programs to reduce the up-front cost for acquiring you bait and tackle vending machine making merchandising easier than ever.It's Time For You To Reel In The Profits!

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VCI currently manufactures the industry's only state-of-the-art 24 hour live bait vending machine, developed and built solely for the merchandising of live bait. With hundreds of machines serving fishermen across the United States and Canada, this proven system consistently provides an outstanding return on investment. It was first introduced at the 1995 American Sport Fishing Association's Annual Expo in Las Vegas.

"The concept was received with an overwhelmingly positive response from all areas of the sport fishing industry- live bait wholesale and retail operators to tackle / sporting goods wholesale and retail dealers,"

according to Jim Chico, vice president-sales for VCI.

These bait vending machines lead the way in technology. Today, operators in the live bait industry recognize the many advantages of automatic merchandising. Operators view the new live bait merchandiser as a vehicle to expand their business. After all, the concept captures the three primary elements of successful automatic merchandising: convenience, impulse and necessity. Clearly, fishermen can relate to needing a reliable source for bait when bait and tackle shops are closed, since much of the best fishing is done during late night and early morning hours.

VCI is a Wittern Group company. Since 1931, the Wittern Group has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic merchandising equipment. Based in Des Moines, IA, with more than 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space, the company ships its vending equipment world wide.

Customers Speak

Our customers are reeling in profits...around the clock. Here's what they have to say:

"I've had my machine for 1 year and customers really appreciate the after hours availability. The machine works as good as it looks. And best of all, it has already paid for itself."

-Raymond Mc Invalle of RJ's Live Bait & Tackle / North Platte, NE

"VCI's Live Bait merchandiser has been a real asset to my store. My customers love it as much as I do. It has nearly paid for itself in its first year of operation."

-Kelley Stevenson of Ken's B&T / San Jose, CA

"The graphics attract customers like a magnet. The 24-hour machine keeps my high-quality bait fresh and keeps my customers coming back."

-Tom Anderson of AAA Bait / Meridian, ID

"The new merchandiser has operated flawlessly and has proved to be a real asset."

-D & D Wormery of Roselle, IL - Don Braun, owner

"I never realized how much after hours business I was missing!"

-Rick Newcombe, owner - Fore-River Fishing Tackle

Our customers love the Live Bait and Tackle vending machine. They are increasing their after hours business and providing a convenience for their patrons as well. By keeping high-quality bait fresh, the live bait vendor keeps customers coming back. The machine can pay for itself with affordable financing. Quality product and low maintenance are the best features for this outdoor bait vending machine.


Reel in More Customers and Net Big Profits!

Just read what these major periodicals have had to say about the Live Bait Vending Opportunity for both the vendors and the customers!

Field & Stream

"Tired of waiting for the bait shop to open so you can start your day on the lake? Believe it or not, there are now coin-operated vending machines that dispense prepackaged minnows - live, frisky and ready to fish."

"The same machine can also dispense worms and other conventional baits."

New York Times

"Some guys in a Mercedes in three piece suits bought bait and just looked at it,"

"They just couldn't believe bait was coming out of a machine."

Wall Street Journal

"Cigarette vending machines are out and refrigerated machines that sell live bait to fishermen are in."

"One big reason is that many people fish at night or buy bait while the store is closed."

Profit Potential

No Money Down!
Let Your Machine Pay For Itself!

A new age is rapidly approaching many segments of the competitive retail industry. With the rising cost of overhead including real estate and an ever increasing consumer demand for convenience, automatic merchandising will continue to become prevalent for retailers to achieve growth and develop new business opportunities in the future.

VCI offers several exciting concepts designed to benefit all aspects of the sport fishing trade. They include a combination of live bait and tackle merchandising systems designed for locations like convenience stores, gas stations, campgrounds and bait and tackle shops. They also offer a full line of traditional vending equipment, offering sodas and snacks to anglers.

Smart Investment.

Vending offers fantastic profit potential. Most operators of VCI equipment attain gross profit margins above 50-to-60 percent. Margins vary, but the bottom line is that fishermen are willing to pay a slight premium for the convenience of 24-hour availability of live bait.

VCI offers a variety of finance and lease programs to reduce the amount of up-front capital required when purchasing your bait and tackle vending equipment. According to Jim Chico, V.P. Sales and Marketing for VCI,

"If an operator sold (during fishing season) an average of 4 bait cups daily, they could easily cash flow a financed or leased bait merchandiser."

Working with our network of partners, we can take care of all of your bait vending needs. We offer easy financing, parts and tech support and an expert staff to answer any questions you may have. Call today to let us help your business.

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