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As an educator, one encourages children to let their minds run wild and exercise their creative minds. Being creative allowed the students and educators of Northeast Elementary School in Owasso, Oklahoma to think outside of the box when it comes to vending machines and rewards systems.


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Testimonials from our satisfied customers.

The Live Bait merchandiser has been a real asset to my store. My customers love it as much as I do. It has nearly paid for itself in its first year of operation.

Kelley S

The students here love the vending machine. It is a wonderful way for students to get healthy snacks any time of the day.

Judy G

The graphics attract customers like a magnet. The 24-hour machine keeps my high-quality bait fresh and keeps my customers coming back.

Tom A

The new merchandiser has operated flawlessly and has proved to be a real asset.

Don B

I never realized how much after-hours business I was missing!

Rick N

I’ve had my machine for 1 year and customers really appreciate the after-hours availability. The machine works as well as it looks. Best of all, it has already paid for itself.

Raymond M

The Iowa School Vending Program is just what we were looking for. The brand new equipment looks great with our school colors and logo and vends all products that meet the upcoming Healthy Kids Act. It literally pays for itself and makes extra money for our school lunch program.

K’Lea J was easy and accommodating. All of the questions were answered quickly and they worked quickly. The process to add the artwork to our machine was also a simple task. When setting up the machine, we ran into a few issues, but we worked with Vendnet to get it set up. They were very helpful and made the process easier.

Amanda S

Our new Healthy Customized Vending Equipment not only looks great, but vends all of the most popular vending products and products that meet the Iowa State nutritional guidelines. Our new machine is used dozens of times a day by the students and has generated more than $1,200 in the first couple of weeks of school. I would highly recommend this program to other schools looking for an alternative to traditional vending programs and A La Carte service.

Eddyville/Blakesburg School District goes out of their way to make you happy. They worked one-on-one with us. They even called our old vending companies to arrange the pick-up of the old vending machines. We had special images put on our soda machines and they were great and worked with us until we had it just right. This was the easiest project with doing all the work. You tell them what you want and the date you would like everything in place and they make sure they meet that deadline. Everybody I dealt with was professional and was up to date with our contract when I called.

Patty M

I have been in the landscaping business for years. I realized that vending would be a great, complimentary, year-round business that would tie in well with the landscaping business! I just started in the vending business about a year ago and, In a very short time, I have had a lot of success! Why? Well, It helps that I already have landscaping contracts with several businesses in my area. It gives me an ‘in’ to offer vending service as well! It makes sense for locations to choose me as their vendor since they already trust me with their landscaping needs! Whether they need their grass mowed, trees trimmed, or vending machines refilled, they only have to make ONE CALL! I have a few employees that assist in stocking the machines, which means I won’t have to lay anyone off during the slow season. and my Sales Representative, Todd Carber, have given me everything I need to be successful. I love that their machines are made in the U.S., and they stand by everything they sell! I have taken advantage of their in-house financing to purchase several machines in a very short time and not tie up my cash flow. My machines are all paying for themselves! I also have them install Greenlite credit card readers on every single one of my machines. Sales go way up with cashless payment options, and it also allows me to remotely monitor the inventory in my machines.

For any landscapers looking to diversify their business, I would HIGHLY recommend vending! You already have relationships with locations, and this is the perfect, year-round extension to the services you already offer! In addition,’s in-house financing and support will make it EASY for you!

Dustin A

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